A Secluded Little Gem

Wee Beach

This little gem is one of those hidden treasures that you may drive by and never realise. Just a short stroll between Bingil Bay Beach and Garners Beach, Wee Beach is a great little treasure to chill out and relax in peace and quiet. With rock cliff walls sitting just off the beach, you may be lucky and see the local seas turtles dinning on the local delicacy’s.

Great for snorkeling and and a romantic lunch with that special someone..

Coconut Palms And Tropical Island Views

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Mission Beach

The focal point of the tropical town of Mission Beach is located right next to its charming relaxed town center. A short path surrounded by bars, restaurants and little shops lead to the palm-fringed endless-appearing coast. Mostly calm and clear waters allure for a refreshing swim after a sunny beach walk. One must-do activity is to take the typical Mission Beach picture, getting comfortable on one of the over-the-sand bended palm trees, the endless sea in the background, and tropical islands in the distance. In the late morning you can see the skydivers jumping down from the deep blue sky landing at the beach right next to your feet. Enjoy a fruit smoothie or freshly brewed coffee from one of the individual cafes, all just a stone’s throw away while relaxing, getting a tan and sinking into a tropical holiday mood. Welcome to Mission Beach.

Try A Spot Of Jetty Fishing

Narragon Beach

Connecting Mission Beach and Bingil Bay, Narragon Beach forms another stunning strip of north Queensland’s Cassowary Coast. Between the vibrant green rainforest, wild rocks, and a golden beach line, it offers various activities for keen adventurers.

Narragon Beach forms the beginning of the Cutten Brother’s Walking track, which leads towards Clump Point, a huge rock that builds the border between Bingil Bay and North Mission Beach. Getting away from common walking tracks, a tiny creek leads the way through the jungle wilderness into a little swimming hole, the raindrop falls.

For the brave ones among us – climb up the surrounding rocks to jump down in the refreshing water. The main attraction at Narragon Beach is the Jetty. Enjoy a cold beer while casting out your fishing line.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for some turtles in these crystal clear waters.

Welcome  to the tropics.

A Tropical Escape Like No Other

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Bingil Bay Beach

Without a doubt, Bingil Bay Beach, part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, is the crown in the jewel when it comes to tropical beaches. With past residents being the likes of Prime Ministers and world renowned artists, it’s no wonder Bingil Bay is on everyone must do list when visiting Mission Beach. Bingil, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘a good camping ground’ never fails to live up to the hype surrounding the beach’s natural beauty. With rainforests and palms lining the sandy shoreline, and crystal clear water forever luring the passer by in for a refreshing dip, you could spend days just lazing around doing nothing.

So let yourself enjoy Bingil’s beauty, you deserve it!

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Feel shipwrecked on a secluded tropical hideaway!

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Brooks Beach

If you have ever wanted to feel like you’ve been shipwrecked and landed on your own secluded piece of paradise, Brooks Beach is definitely worth a visit. Set at the northern end of Mission Beach, it is surrounded by rainforest but easily accessible by road. A little hidden treasure that looks out over the Great Barrier Reef, Brooks Beach is great those who want a quiet relaxing day at the beach or maybe for those couples who just want a little bit of romantic time.

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A slice of paradise!

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14 kilometers of golden sand, a million year old lush green tropical rainforest, crystal clear waves gently drench the shore line… Welcome to Mission Beach!

Consisting of four beach villages and containing 8 world class beaches, Mission Beach is truly the jewel in the crown of North Queensland. Just a short 2 hours’ south of Cairns, this is one place that should not be missed by anyone. Whether you’re a young first time traveler discovering the world and the adrenalin rush of extreme sport, or a fishing guru who just wants to hit the Great Barrier Reef and catch themselves a prize salmon, Mission Beach it has it all. A beach for every one and for every occasion.

Garners Beach

A secluded little beach, this one is a local’s favourite. Here, for the more liberal minded person, clothes are optional!

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Welcome To The Jungle!

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We’ve launched our new website and we’re very excited! We’ll be bringing you all the latest news and gossip from around town, and keeping you up to date with all the exciting things happening at the Jackaroo Treehouse with our news reporter and blog aficionado Tropical Rob.

The Jackaroo Treehouse, set in one of the most beautiful and idyllic places on Earth,  is a must do on any travellers journey along the East Coast of Australia.

Located in the beach side town of Mission Beach, just 2 hours south of Cairns, the Jackaroo Treehouse is your gateway to fun and adventure. Known as ‘The Adventure Capital of Australia’ Mission Beach is filled with an abundance of extreme sports, endless excitement and unparalleled beauty.

Imagine! You’re in a plane at 14,00 feet, the door swings open, air gushes through the plane, then, and all of a sudden… you’re free falling! You hit speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour. You look down and what do you see? To your right, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef in all its glory. 2300 kilometers of one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. To your left, you have the oldest rainforests in the world, the lush green Wet Tropics. 8,940 km² of rugged Australian wet tropical rainforests running parallel to the Great Barrier Reef. In one word… Spectacular! Then, to top that off, you come gliding in after dropping 14,00 feet and land on one of the most pristine beaches in the world.

What? Not the flying type?  No need to worry, hit up the rapids then. That’s right, we’ll sort you out and get you rafting on the mighty Tully River. 133 kilometers of sheer power and beauty that weaves its way through from the Great Dividing Range, down through the wet tropics and onto the Coral Sea. It truly is pure majestic beauty.

Then, after day of breaking all the rules and pushing the boundaries of what life is all about, you can grab a beer and chill out as the sun sets on another glorious day that you have just lived to the fullest.

So go on, Get Involved!

We’ll see you at the Jackaroo!