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We’ve launched our new website and we’re very excited! We’ll be bringing you all the latest news and gossip from around town, and keeping you up to date with all the exciting things happening at the Jackaroo Treehouse with our news reporter and blog aficionado Tropical Rob.

The Jackaroo Treehouse, set in one of the most beautiful and idyllic places on Earth,  is a must do on any travellers journey along the East Coast of Australia.

Located in the beach side town of Mission Beach, just 2 hours south of Cairns, the Jackaroo Treehouse is your gateway to fun and adventure. Known as ‘The Adventure Capital of Australia’ Mission Beach is filled with an abundance of extreme sports, endless excitement and unparalleled beauty.

Imagine! You’re in a plane at 14,00 feet, the door swings open, air gushes through the plane, then, and all of a sudden… you’re free falling! You hit speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour. You look down and what do you see? To your right, the magnificent Great Barrier Reef in all its glory. 2300 kilometers of one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. To your left, you have the oldest rainforests in the world, the lush green Wet Tropics. 8,940 km² of rugged Australian wet tropical rainforests running parallel to the Great Barrier Reef. In one word… Spectacular! Then, to top that off, you come gliding in after dropping 14,00 feet and land on one of the most pristine beaches in the world.

What? Not the flying type?  No need to worry, hit up the rapids then. That’s right, we’ll sort you out and get you rafting on the mighty Tully River. 133 kilometers of sheer power and beauty that weaves its way through from the Great Dividing Range, down through the wet tropics and onto the Coral Sea. It truly is pure majestic beauty.

Then, after day of breaking all the rules and pushing the boundaries of what life is all about, you can grab a beer and chill out as the sun sets on another glorious day that you have just lived to the fullest.

So go on, Get Involved!

We’ll see you at the Jackaroo!